Best Tips to Survive from Summer Heat While House Shifting

We consider summer as one of the most preferred seasons for house moving. There are holidays in schools and colleges. There are some advantages to moving house in summer. For many Indians, summer is the best time to move to a new home because kids are out of school and there is more sunshine.

But moving in the summer can bring you lots of problems and difficulties too. There can be extreme heat and higher levels of humidity during summer. And hence, moving from one home to another in the extreme heat of summer can be dangerous. You may suffer from sunstroke. So, plan your move before the first of May. Before the May month, you will find pleasant weather. If it is not possible, you must know the heat and plan your summer move with precautions to reduce the negative effects of the summer heat on your health and the moving experience.

Health precautions for the summer move

Careful planning is important. It will help prevent heat-related illness during the summer move. Here are some important tips for health precautions for your move during summer.

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water. Aim to hydrate yourself every 15 minutes.
  • Plan your move in the morning because the morning is comparatively cooler.
  • Apply sweat-proof sunscreen lotion on your body to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Wear oversized sunglasses with a UV protection label.
  • Wear a hat to avoid the direct sun-rays on your head.
  • Don’t take coffee and alcohol. Alcohol and coffee are diuretics and could increase the risk of severe dehydration.
  • If you experience signs of heat exhaustion, get inside where the environment is cool, and seek medical attention.
  • Try to plan your move when the sun is not as strong and UV radiation is lower.

Packing precautions for the summer move

If you are packing household items on your own, then you must follow packing precautions. Preparing household belongings for moving during summer will require a little extra thought and precaution. Some items are more vulnerable to high temperatures and could be damaged by exposure to the sun for extended periods. Here is the list of items that required extra packing precautions.

  • Medicine, sunscreen lotion, and cosmetics
  • CDs, DVDs, mobile phone chargers, laptops, tablets, cameras, and other electronic items
  • Batteries, candles, cleaning products, and crayons

You should pack separately these items and unload them first to avoid the risk of damage. So, it is important to take care of those belongings which can get damaged by heat.

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