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Dot Logistics Experts say summer is the best time to relocate your home in India, but as well know that we all are locked down in our homes due to coronavirus outbreaks. People who had already planned to move in summer now have to postpone their move. Hopefully, there are chances of living normal days again in the monsoon season. So, if you are also planning to relocate your home in monsoon then here is a quick guide for you to plan and prepare for the move.

Hire Experienced Packers and Movers

You know that not every moving company can provide you with every type of moving and shifting services, so you will have to find out the packers and movers agency that is experienced in handling move during monsoon. They must know the cautions to be taken while moving in the rainy season for both household and commercial goods. Find experienced movers and packers that fit your criteria.

Choose Enclosed Moving Truck

Sometimes we put our goods at risk by choosing open-body trucks due to less rental charges. But it is not good for our goods. The chances of wear and tear are higher. Thus, everyone should choose closed-body trucks to transport their goods. This prevents the goods from breaking and damaging.

Use Waterproof Packaging

Waterproof packaging materials are essential for packing your goods if you want to protect them from rain. Rain can damage your goods in an unexpected way. So, do not try to save on packaging materials. Use only waterproof packaging to prevent your goods.

Insurance To Your Goods

Buying insurance for the safety of your goods is not a bad idea, especially when you are moving during a monsoon. This will help you in recovering the cost of damaged goods. So, whether moving to a short distance or long-distance place, ensure your goods before moving.

If you will follow these tips then you can easily have a safe and damage-free household move during monsoon. Just remember all these things and book reliable packers and movers to enjoy a safe and smooth

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